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My name is David Walker and I'm a veteran coach who has used the game of football as a vehicle to shape and educate young men over the years. My career path has covered every level of football from coaching my sons in the backyard all the way to the NFL Pro Bowl. I have over 20 years coaching experience spanning High School, College, and the Professional level. I have been fortunate to work for and learn from several great coaches including guys like Jim Caldwell, Dave Wannstedt, and South Florida high school legend Walt Frazier, who gave me my first coaching job.


During my playing days, I was an all-league running back and captain at Syracuse University. After a brief stint with the Miami Dolphins, I traded my cleats for a clipboard and made the transition into coaching where I joined Coach Frazier's staff at Carol City High School. A year later, I returned to my alma mater as the running back coach. After a decade in orange being around legends like Donovan McNabb, Marvin Harrison, and Dwight Freeney, I adopted the blue and gold of the University of Pittsburgh. 6 years later, I transitioned from college to the NFL when I joined the Indianapolis Colts and was able to work alongside NFL stars like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, and Andrew Luck. Following 5 years in Indianapolis, 4 with the Colts and 1 with the Carmel High School Greyhounds, I moved on to coach the running backs with the Detroit Lions. After 3 years in the Motor City, I made the decision to step away from coaching to focus more on my family. 

My coaching philosophy has always centered around my three F's: Firm, Flexible, and Fun. Firm enough to demand a player's best effort, flexible enough to treat each player as an individual and coach them accordingly, and the fun part is seeing personal growth both on and off the field. As a college coach, at least a dozen of my former players went on to have careers in the NFL, including perennial Pro Bowler LeSean McCoy. I have also coached for multiple conference championship teams which included Fiesta and Orange Bowl appearances. Similar success followed in the NFL where I coached in several playoff games including the AFC Conference Championship Game, falling 1 game shy of the Super Bowl. 

Interview with Coach Walker: Click Here 

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